Argos Aliens- Finally get them!

by leeshb

Argos Christmas Ad 2011

When I first saw the Argos campaign for Christmas 2011 using the Alien characters, I got it. Using cute Aliens new to plant earth, to demonstrate the foolishness of humans through not understanding why they were rushing around crowded shops at Christmas time when they could shop online made sense. The campaign that followed that had me puzzled.

I loved the aliens personally, but only because they made me laugh and the voice-overs were cute. I was still confused about the relevance of them, why aliens? I questioned ideas such as they wanted to show middle class family life and shopping behaviour without using actors (so race, religion or skin colour didn’t limit viewers to relate themselves to the characters), but I still wasn’t convinced.

It wasn’t until I saw the most recent advert for Christmas 2012, that it finally hit me. Showing the father being able to use the online shopping on his mobile phone wherever he wanted (e.g. on top of a Christmas tree) really makes people laugh! I think the adverts are used especially by Argos to demonstrate to their audiences the basic principles of their business, what they offer, and how it benefits consumers without making viewers feel silly (because people generally like to think they know it all).

Through integrating social media such as Twitter and Facebook, consumers are able to get involved with the characters. For example one competition asked consumers to name one of the child aliens. This allows consumers to position Argos as the leading online retailer in their heads when remembering the characters away from the TV.

Overall a lovely, family orientated campaign!

Agency: CHI & Partners
Client: Argos
Sector: Retail
Country: United Kingdom