HTC “Miami Bass Project” Launch

by leeshb


As part of the “As recommended by…” campaign, HTC have launched a new integrated campaign in Germany and across Europe for the “One X+” mobile phone. After changing their strategy from technology based to consumer based communications, which better way for HTC to generate word of mouth than to throw a huge party.

With an aim to highlight particularly the audio credentials of the new handset, ad agency Mother developed the idea of a street party in a tight-knit neighbourhood “Little Haiti” in Miami. The advert shows club promoter Miguel Flowers using his connections to build the biggest party, connecting hundreds of speakers with the challenge of generating a huge sound using only the HTC One X+ Mobile phone.

I think this campaign is brilliant as it shows the HTC audio credibility through the sound quality at the large party, but shows especially away from the challenge itself that the HTC can bring people together because of its functionality. This development of a Behind-The-Scenes video and Documentary carried on the theme of the “As recommended by…” campaign, as it opened doors for viewers to see for themselves online how the HTC phone was for the user.

Agency: Mother
Client: HTC
Sector: Technology/Mobile
Country: Germany/Europe