The Power of Social Media

by leeshb

The relevance of social media is important now more than ever for brands. With technology allowing people to have news and the ability to shop (two of many things) at the palm of their hand all day long, it is important that brands are getting their name out there.

We all know that brands have been using social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, and it works, but technology is changing and “apps” are generating more and more bandwagons that consumers are jumping on- creating opportunities for brands.

One example of Social Media that I think is and should be utilized by brands is iphone and android app “Instagram”. Available on smart phones and tablets, millions of people are somewhat addicted to uploading pictures of their everyday life, and hashtagging them for the world and their friends to see. Brands such as Innocent Smoothies, ASOS, Starbucks and Topshop all use Instagram in order for followers to see not only updates on products but also behind the scenes action and user generated content.


One brand that I think uses Instagram extremely well is Red Bull. Instead of just promoting their drink, they are using Instagram as a platform to build their brand, inviting followers to share pictures of themselves doing radical things such as Snowboarding, Biking and Surfings. With the hashtag “#whatgivesyouwings”, users are able to see what other Red Bull users are doing and creates a sense of community.

Instagram – Red Bull

Other idea’s are being generated by restaurant’s through insight that people love to take Instagram pictures of their food. Using this insight, some restaurant’s are now encouraging their consumers to take pictures of their food and upload it to instagram with a hashtag of the restaurant’s name. With this, users of Instagram can then see from a consumers point of view an Instagram “Menu” from the restaurant of their choice. Amazing idea! Makes the brand more credible and gives consumers a reason to want to go back and upload something new they tried.

My own personal experience of taking Instagram Pictures of Food- (Food Courtesy of Zizzi)