Top 5 Christmas Campaigns!

by leeshb

Okay here it is, my top 5 Christmas campaigns that I’ve seen so far. And a few that have annoyed me.

At Number 5:   Coca-Cola “Holidays are Coming”

Okay well lets face it the advert isn’t original, we’ve all seen the Coca-Cola truck. BUT that being said, we all love the Coca-Cola Truck because it means Christmas is coming. Choir Voices, Sing with me “Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming”. Using Social Media during the campaign, Coca-Cola have hashtagged on the ad itself #holidaysarecoming, in order for viewers to get involved with polls, quizzes and comment on how they feel about Coca-Cola at Christmas. A Classic!

Agency: N/A
Client:  Coca Cola
Sector: Beverage
Country: United Kingdom

Number 4:  John Lewis “The Journey”

A cute snowman, his girlfriend and his journey across the UK to find her some gloves and a scarf. What’s not to like! The advert grabs your attention, everyone wants to know what the snowman is going to do. With the “power of love” soundtrack making your heart feel warm you have no choice but to watch until the end. Demonstrating people going the “extra mile” for the perfect gift awww.

Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
Client: John Lewis
Sector: Retail
Country: United Kingdom

Number 3: Debenhams “Christmas Made Fabulous”

Debenhams have launched their “Christmas Made Fabulous” campaign, with an advert accentuating the sparkle at Christmas. Most women are looking for perfect “party outfits” for the Christmas season, and Debenhams have been clever to move away from the “family around the dinner table” approach, and more towards showing the glamour they can provide for Christmas. I love this advert because as a female myself, I just like to see glitter at Christmas! Lovely cinematography and just a pretty advert.

Agency: JWT London
Client: Debenhams
Sector: Retail
Country: United Kingdom

Number 2:   Argos “I Can Shop From Here”

I’ve already expressed my love for the Argos Aliens, but I’m not going to hesitate in saying I love them (again)!! This Christmas campaign makes me laugh every time I watch it. Argos are simply showing how easy it is to shop online, using the Alien’s in humorous situations. When the Alien Dad is on top of the Christmas Tree or Hi-Five’ing the snowman I can’t help but absolutely crack up! I think consumers in a general “family” would feel the same way as me.

Agency: CHI & Partners
Client: Argos
Sector: Retail
Country: United Kingdom

At Number 1: Sainsbury’s “Christmas Days”

This is my favourite campaign I’ve seen so far! Sainsbury’s have released a series of advertisements depicting REAL but joyful  moments that families and friends have in the run up towards Christmas. The moments aren’t exaggerated as well, they are small but beautiful moments that bring people together- and it’s these moments that make consumers go “awwww” and want to buy at Sainsbury’s. Simple, effective and joyful!

Agency: AMV BBDO
Client: Sainsbury’s
Sector: Supermarket
Country: United Kingdom

Now, the one’s that irritated me…

Morrison’s and Asda. Both using busy, stressed out Mothers who seem to be the only ones doing any work in the run up to Christmas. I understand the concept of appealing to the women out there who do have a lot to do for Christmas e.g. Wrapping presents and making costumes, and they generally are the main buyer of presents, but a lot of families don’t operate in this way! I think the idea of the Mother doing everything is outdated, borderline sexist and almost offensive. There are many households where fathers and children also do a lot in the run up to Christmas, and it should be a JOYFUL occasion- these adverts need to stop showing the women stressed just because of the commercialness of Christmas.

Here they are if you missed them;

Morrison’s “For Your Christmas”


Asda “Behind Every Great Christmas There’s Mum”

Let me know what your favourite Christmas campaign is!