Everything Everywhere (EE) Integrated Campaign

by leeshb

There were mixed reactions when the announcement of 4G services from T-Mobile and Orange together under new brand “Everything Everywhere” was made. Many people were excited to experience the fast technology however some couldn’t see the major benefits of paying much higher prices for a speedy connection.

Everything Everywhere have spent millions of pounds to rebrand stores and develop an integrated campaign including television, print and outdoor advertising with social media to target people just before Christmas. Using A-List Hollywood Actor Kevin Bacon to endorse the network in the TV advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Everything Everywhere is aiming to engage people in their fun campaign that  they the UK’s fastest Network. I think the creativity behind the idea of Kevin Bacon being “connected to everyone” is brilliant and I really enjoyed listening to all the links from Tom Hanks to Kevin Barlow (when launched on ITV using Coronation Street as a link was a good idea to hit audiences).

Not only were the TV advertisements successful in engaging audiences, but other mediums used such as social media to involve consumers and make them understand that EE isn’t JUST a network. Using Twitter to involve followers in quizzes and polls, creating viral video’s such as EE’s remake of “Fenton” the dog allows consumers to hashtag #4GEE and add to the buzz that Everything Everywhere wanted to create.

EE Twitter Page, Involving their Followers and encouraging Hashtag’s

Many consumers have been disheartened by the actual product, stating that the price is “too high”, that “500mb at a faster speed would run out quicker because people would want to do more” and that “coverage needs to be increased before paying £36 for 4G when 3G is hard to find”.

I think the integrated campaign as a whole is successful because consumers are engaged in all aspects of it, making them want to involve themselves and share things with people they know. I just hope that EE rethink their pricing strategy before they lose customers and gain bad PR attention.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi (for Television Advert), Poke (Social and Digital) and Publicis Chemistry (Retail, Direct Mail and Digital)
Client:  Everything Everywhere
Sector: Technology/Mobile
Country: United Kingdom