The overwhelming thought of “Free Stuff” VS. Reality

by leeshb

Okay so I’m an instagram user, and recently I’ve seen something new starting to arise.

It seems that normal people, or more likely start up businesses who need followers, have created instagram accounts for well known brands such as Ray-Ban and Zara. These accounts then spread viral messages, offering the first “50k followers” a free bee.


As soon as I saw this I laughed because it would make no sense for Zara to be offering 50,000 people a gift card worth $100 or Ray-Ban giving one pair of sunglasses to 75, 000 people just for instagram followers, and also how would they get the contact details of all the people?



To my surprise many people are falling for it and reposting the viral messages onto their own accounts. I am just expecting these bogus accounts to be removed by instagram or changed into the real business/person that they are.