Fanta- “Less Serious” Campaign

by leeshb

I’m loving the “More Fanta, Less Serious” integrated campaign. The campaign itself has been running for a while with television ads, PR and Billboards but I only took the time out recently to have a look at the integrated digital elements. The Facebook page for Fanta has developed an application aimed at Teenagers to play games in a “virtual world” in order to win prizes such as Cinema Tickets and give teens an opportunity to spend 3 nights in the luxurious Fanta House.

I think this idea is an exciting way to engage consumers online and allow them to experience a game that let’s them enjoy the Fanta brand- not just purchase the products. I can see that the Brand is fun and bubbly, matching the market of teenagers well- especially through consistently using animated characters and bright colours. Using Facebook as a platform is clever, so teenagers can share the game with their friends- giving free promotion for the Fanta Brand.

Agency: Ogilvy
Client:  Fanta
Sector: Drink/Beverage
Country: United Kingdom