Peugeot 208 “Let Your Body Drive” Campaign

by leeshb

I love the 2012 campaign that Peugeot have ran for their new 208 car model, named “Let Your Body Drive”. The campaign has featured many integrated elements, from the funny TV advertisement to viral social media video’s and Road-Show’s around the UK.

The “Let Your Body Drive” campaign “a huge step in the evolution of the ‘20’ series”. With a completely new design and interactiveness within the car, the campaign is about pushing boundaries. The TV advert focuses on emotional appeal, showing consumers that it is possible to put your head to one side and let your heart take control- pushing boundaries, and encouraging consumers to be more outgoing when making life decisions- e.g. purchasing a new car.

Alongside this, a social media video for the campaign featuring YouTube dance sensation Nonstop, aka Marquese Scott went viral. It featured the dancer in a car park, body popping to “Rudimental- Feel The Love” alongside the Peugeot 208 model, essentially showing how he is “Letting his Body Drive” the movements. With over 7 Million views and the song reaching Number 1 in the Top 40 UK charts, this was a great way to draw attention to the campaign.

This video opened doors for consumer interaction, allowing consumers to upload their own “BodyDrive” dance video and enter an online competition. This gained PR in many formats and allowed more social media such as Twitter and Facebook to be utilized by the brand.

Peugeot 208 Launch 2012, Featuring Marquese Scott

Other interactive elements to the campaign included a smart-phone application, allowing users with i06 and Android to download the app and “see for themselves” interactively the exterior and interior of the car.

Peugeot 208 Mobile Application

Overall a good example of an integrated campaign.

Agency: Initials Marketing, EHS 4D and OMD, Rubber Republic
Client:  Peugeot
Sector: Automotive
Place: UK