Ad of The Day- Metro Trains- “Dumb Ways To Die”

by leeshb


A perfect example of a global viral social media advert- and with a good meaning! McCann Melbourne have developed a BRILLIANT advertising campaign for Metro Trains in order to promote Public Safety. Devising a video that won’t stick in people’s mind through shockvertising (like most public safety campaigns), but through a joyful and very memorable song entitled “Dumb Ways to Die”, using cute illustrations to demonstrate the clear point. The song is embedded in my brain from 3 listens, let alone the other 23 (nearly 24) million other people that have viewed and shared this video across the web over the past two weeks. The most creative idea I’ve seen in a while and am very happy for the amount of coverage and PR for this important safety message.

Agency: McCann Melbourne
Client: Metro Trains
Sector: Public Safety
Place: Australia