ASOS “Best Night Ever” Winter 2012 Campaign

by leeshb

I really like the Winter 2012 Campaign by ASOS, encouraging consumer engagement and interaction through digital elements as well as interactive advertising.

Three “shoppable” adverts/short films broadcast online, each featuring a “style icon” that reaches the target audience of style conscious young women. The three style icons used were British singer Ellie Goulding, Hip-Hop artist Azelia Banks and Model Charlotte Free. Each of the artists demonstrate their own style in each of the video’s, and viewers are able to interact through clicking a side panel stating “Shop Azelia/Ellie/Charlotte’s Look”. The viewers can then view the items of clothing that the artist is wearing and decide to purchase there and then.

Alongside the ads themselves, there is a strong presence on social media using #bestnightever as a hashtag on twitter, allowing consumers to engage and talk about their best night out or even what a perfect night would be. Facebook and Instagram are also focused on in this campaign, as consumers are able to use the Instagram app on their phones to take pictures of their ASOS purchases at their Christmas Parties and upload them straight to the “global party feed” on facebook.

ASOS marketing director, Terri Westlake, said: “Global customer engagement is a major focus for Asos, so that’s what we are aiming for.To support our peak trading period, we specifically built this campaign – with fashion-related, shareable, digital content – around three women who each have a unique sense of style and appeal as individuals to our customers for different reasons, driving interaction across a broad base internationally.”

Utilizing online, mobile and tablets, this “virtual” campaign has proved well for ASOS with their 2 Million Facebook fans and 400,000 Twitter followers- getting their fun message out their and allowing consumers to shop straight from the ads. Nice work!

Agency: ASOS In-House and Future Collective
Client: ASOS
Sector: Fashion Clothing
Place: United Kingdom and United States