Ad of The Day- Ann Summers- “Christmas For Grown Ups”

by leeshb

WOAH THERE. Ann Summers have turned to sexual shockvertising this Christmas, running a campaign entitled “Christmas for Grown Ups”, launched today in the Ad break of “The Only Way is Essex” at 9pm. I know that males around the country are tweeting about this ad so I had to take a look for myself. Now, the television advert is controversial enough- showing a lady in her Ann Summers lingerie, in what looks like to be a house where clothes have passionately been thrown around with her male companion “feeling her up” to put it bluntly. If this wasn’t enough, there is also an uncut version of the ad online (which, lets face it, nearly everyone would rather see)- and the images are a lot more racy. Probably not a good idea for the kids to be looking at it, but for the adults…probably a good idea to get some social media attention and more men (fuelled with sexual desire) buying lingerie for their girlfriends for Christmas. I wonder if the ASA will be receiving any complaints tomorrow…

To watch the uncut ad (if you are 18 years +) then follow this link:

Agency: To Be Confirmed
Client: Ann Summers
Sector: Retail/Underwear
Place: United Kingdom