World Aids Day and Durex Campaign #1share1condom

by leeshb

For their 25th Anniversary, World Aids Day (1st December 2012) partnered with condom brand Durex in order to run a social media campaign this week entitled #1share1condom. The campaign encouraged consumers and users to use the #1share1condom hashtag on Facebook on Twitter, and in return Durex promised to donate a condom for each post to a HIV project in suffering communities across the globe.


With a 2, 500, 000 donation target, the campaign was not only promoted through the social media mediums but also through their own website, and “share” features. There is also an iphone app “Facing Aids”, where users can take a picture of themselves and post it to the gallery with a supportive message. Currently Durex has donated over 2, 100, 00 condoms and are continuously donating.

#1share1condom social media campaign promotion

#1share1condom social media campaign promotion

This campaign is a nice way for everybody to involve themselves in spreading a message about HIV, and is “an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate people who have died” according to the National AIDS Trust.

Agency: Havas Worldwide
Client: World Aids Day & Durex
Sector: Non Profit/Government/Health
Place: United Kingdom