Battle of The Christmas Store Fronts- Oxford Street

by leeshb

I was walking down London’s ultimate tourist shopping spot Oxford Street yesterday, and all of the major stores running Christmas campaigns seemed to have one thing in common- their store fronts. Honestly, I don’t know how much it costs to power the lights and glitter that all of these shops have covered their buildings in, but I thought I’d highlight my top 5 and see what you all think!

5. Marks and Spencer

To go along with their celebration/greatest hits Christmas campaign, Marks and Spencer went for a beautiful curtain of gold lights. I don’t think they necessarily had any meaning other than to draw attention to the building and make people feel happy/want to celebrate Christmas. Definitely worked on me, but I am a huge fan of glitter so…

photo (4)

4. Selfridges

Not a very clear picture, but Selfridges opted for some hedges covered in lights as their exterior decoration. These hedges just remind me of expensive hotels and big stores in the USA like Macy’s at Christmas time. It reminds me of Home Alone 2 as well (don’t ask). Either way, the hedges represent excellence and luxury- and Selfridges believe that their products are these things, so overall was a good exterior idea.

photo (2)

3. Debenhams

I can imagine that Debenhams chose these coloured lights in aid of their “Christmas Made Fabulous” campaign. They are fabulous indeed and can be seen from far away! They also make me really crave those lace sweets covered in sugar that look like them. Irrelevant but overall I like the consistency of the fabulous campaign, and without these lights the exterior would not have been as glam.

photo (6)

2. John Lewis

I could see this store front from so far back, even when I was looking at the colourful lights that Debenhams had put up, the John Lewis store just seemed to glisten in the corner of my eye. I think they were trying to make it look like it was covered in snow, but I just thought the building looked like it was covered in diamonds and just looked fabulous! Definitely caught my attention and (if I had time) I would have gone in to see what they’d done for in store interior

photo (3)

1. Boots

Their lights weren’t as amazing as the others, but there was an additional feature of their exterior design marketing ploy that was hilarious! I looked up to the sky and it seemed as if flakes of snow were falling. Me and every single passer by had the same expression on their face, “is it snowing???!!?!?!?!”. Of course, it was just a fake snow machine planted way up high, but what a way to stop passers by outside the store for a few seconds- and potentially get them to come inside. The expressions on people’s faces really made me laugh, and then the sheer relief (or in some cases sadness) when it was revealed that the snow was in fact small drops of foam, was just priceless.

How important do you think store exteriors are from a Marketing point of view? Do they influence you in any way?