Lloyds TSB Interactive Outdoor Campaign

by leeshb

Linking closely to the previous post about digital marketing, a friend of mine notified me of a recent OOH (Out of Home) campaign launched by Lloyds TSB that fits with their most recent television ad.


Using interactive screens placed in 34 locations including bus stops and shopping centres, the campaign consists of a game where consumers drive the Lloyds TSB character around a circuit. When doing this, the character is collecting icons that are representative of the “Smart Features” that Lloyds TSB offer to their customers, including Mobile Banking and Limit Alerts. At the end of the game, users are able to view their score but are also provided with information on each of the Smart Features.

Lloyds Interactive Screens 2012Lloyds Interactive Screens 2012

Lloyds TSB Interactive Screens 2012Lloyds Interactive Screens 2012

The campaign has been created, planned and bought by Kinetic in partner with MEC. Overall the campaign aims to engage consumers with a fun game while informing them with account features, and encouraging consumers to go to their nearest branch to discuss the account further with a call of action on the interactive screen.

I think it’s a good idea to place digital interactive ad’s in places where people are waiting for things like the bus as they are more likely to take notice and engage their brain fully.

Agency: Kinetic & MEC
Client: Lloyds TSB
Sector: Banking/Finance
Place: United Kingdom