Marks & Spencer “Thanks A Million” Campaign

by leeshb

Marks & Spencer have reached just over 1 Million fans on their Facebook page, and with this have decided to launch the “Thanks A Million Campaign”. With a celebration of reaching the 1 Million mark, Marks & Spencer decided to give back to their fans and also to charity. Every fan is allowed a penny on the new M&S Facebook app and are offered the chance to donate this penny to one of the listed charities, including; Royal British Legion, MacMillan Cancer Support, Shelter and the Newlife Foundation- all backed by Marks and Spencer.

This campaign is a lovely way for Marks and Spencer to thank and celebrate their fans, as well as show their support to their partnered charities. Using Facebook has been a great platform for the brand to communicate with consumers, Lou Jones, Marks & Spencer’s head of online and digital marketing, said: “”Our page has helped us evolve our marketing from merely broadcasting to customers to a two-way dialogue with them. It helps us create conversations, learn from our shoppers, listen to frustrations, share in their joy and also have a little fun. Facebook helps us interact with customers on a more personal, light-hearted level.”


Thanks A Million Campaign- M&S Facebook Page

I think this is definitely a good way to retain consumers great opinions of the brand through infusing celebration of the consumers themselves but also celebrating philanthropy and “giving back”.

Agency: Marks and Spencer In-House
Client: Marks & Spencer
Sector: Retail/Charity
Place: United Kingdom