Ad of The Day- Aldi- “Champagne”

by leeshb


I am loving these hilarious Christmas ads that have been arising as of late. Aldi are known for their humorous comparison TV adverts, I absolutely love them, and this one is not excluded! A spoof of the John Lewis Snowman advert, Aldi have stuck to their guns and created a champagne comparison ad- the prestige versus the cheap. You could say the advert itself proves their “love this champagne” point, that we love the John Lewis advert but we also love the Aldi advert. I don’t know anybody who would have seen the John Lewis advert that wouldn’t laugh at the female snowman kicking the male snowman’s head like a football. Funny and clever way to target the mass market.

Agency: McCann Erickson (Manchester)
Client: Aldi
Sector: Retail
Place: United Kingdom