Ad of The Day- Fiat 500L- “The Motherhood”

by leeshb


There’s no need to even guess who Fiat are targeting with this advert/viral video. I really do think that using rap in adverts is becoming more popular however it has to be used in the right context. The Yeo Valley ad did it correctly and I think this one does too. Many mothers out there will relate to the woman in the ad and the kids in the background literally make me cry with laughter. My favourite line “Got my bitches at my side and my hose in the back” referring to her two dogs and a hose pipe- is genius! If there was a mash up of a “dynamic young mum” and today’s hip-hop/rap scene this would be it.

This is the type of advert that you would probably watch over again and share with your friends, infusing the message Fiat 500L are trying to put across (that young mothers can get everything done in the day with Fiat). A really clever way to connect with the target audience, stay close to reality over “really cool new car” adverts and just generally puts smiles on viewers faces.

Agency: Krow Communications
Client: Fiat
Sector: Automotive
Place: United Kingdom