Mayans Predict End of the World…Or Just a Creative Marketing Campaign

by leeshb

So the Mayan Calendar predicts that this is our last day on earth. I’m writing my last blog post ever dated 20th December 2012. On the contrary in fact this isn’t our last day on earth but a chance to laugh at the PR that Ancient Mayan sights and culture has received this year.

Ancient Mayan Ruins- Mexico

Ancient Mayan Ruins- Mexico

So many brands have been capitalising on the “end of the world” prophecy, and have used the hot topic to push campaigns this year. For example family restaurant TGI Friday’s have created an event entitled “Last Friday” on Friday 21st December 2012 to celebrate the Mayan end of the world (and gain plenty of sales).

Also, one of my previous posts shows how Lynx have turned this theory into their “Get it on For The End of The World” campaign. Using integrated elements including a feature on their website that allows people to write the last thing they’d want to do on earth.

These campaigns are buzz worthy, they fit with the hot news of the moment and get people talking. Chinese Whispers really does work!!

All of these campaigns, however brilliant for the brands they have been, still draw attention back to the Mayan 2012 prophecy. This prophecy has been covered by press all over the globe, with social media including twitter having people talking about Mayan’s and the end of the world like never before. All of this has drawn tourists to Mayan sites in Mexico and South America, where current Mayan’s are hoping to also gain economical advantage and tourist jobs over their “new found fame”. However, the wages are still low in these areas and even this amount of coverage cannot change this.

Let’s just hope that after tomorrow people are still intrigued about the Mayan’s and their tourist sites, at least we can all say we survived the end of the world right?