Skittles: Put’s the Rainbow in Brand

by leeshb

I was having a browse through the internet (as you do) and randomly came across the Skittles (sweets) website…and I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before! The website scrolls like a blog, filled with hilarious sentences that sound like “Taste The Rainbow”, twitter counts and more.

The website made me think about the colourful brand and I was inspired to look at their online presence as a whole. The sweet brand is designed to be quirky, creative and all about fun so if these elements weren’t incorporated into their brand then as a whole “Skittles” would not be as popular as they are today. With quirky television adverts, I thought that their Twitter and Facebook feed would be strictly business and promotion but funnily enough I sometimes forget that the brand is not a person! The way Skittles have created PERSONALITY for their brand, using humour and light hearted-ness to capture the hearts of sweet lovers is simply amazing.

(Check out their website here, it’s amazing I must say:

I’m sure, that alongside me, the other 23 Million fans of Skittles on facebook would agree that their brand isn’t just recalled for the sweets and bright coloured packaging, but the quirky personality that Skittles bring to keep these consumers wanting more.

Recently BBDO Toronto & Jam3 have developed an online game as part of the Skittles “Create The Rainbow”, where consumers are able to develop their own quirky Skittles Christmas advert and share it with their friends. Engaging consumers and making them feel “part of something” is what every brand is trying to do and I believe Skittles are doing this perfectly.



“Experience The Rainbow, Taste The Rainbow and Create The Rainbow”. If Skittles especially didn’t use their online presence in a way that represented their brand, the meaning would be lost in translation and consumers wouldn’t understand the fun, creative elements that Skittles have to bring to the table.