Government Anti-Smoking Campaign- Will it make an impact?

by leeshb

A new shocking Anti-Smoking campaign has launched in time for the New Year. The integrated government campaign consists of television, outdoor and online- with a very insightful image of a cancerous tumour growing on a cigarette while it is smoked.

The campaign is designed to shock the public and make them realise the serious health effects that smoking has on the body, as more and more people are beginning to overlook these serious issues. Chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, commented: “We want smokers to understand that each packet of cigarettes increases their risk of cancer.”

I think that my and younger generations especially are becoming more exposed to explicit images and themes, and I do wonder whether shockvertising has as much of an impact anymore (see my previous post on shockvertising). I do think however that more “hard hitting” campaigns like this do need to be issued by the UK Government, as a couple of adverts by the NHS about quit-smoking packs in a year isn’t enough to decrease the number of smokers in the UK.

Anti-Smoking Campaign, Tumour growing on cigarette in advertising

Anti-Smoking Campaign, Tumour growing on cigarette in advertising

I think this campaign is quite effective as most people forget that smoking can cause very harmful cancer’s, and people don’t ever believe it’ll happen to them. The images especially and the tagline “If you could see the damage, you’d stop” are powerful in portraying this message and I hope that they drive action for people to actually quit smoking!

Agency: Dare
Client: NHS
Sector: Health/Government
Place: United Kingdom