Predictions of Digital Trends for 2013

by leeshb

Digital is shaping the world, and as we have entered a new year here are some predictions that I have seen and found very interesting!

1. Smartphones and Tablets will be Divided


Both Smartphones and Tablets are usually put together under the same category, but in 2013 it’s predicted that marketers will need to tailor their messages according to the user and the device they are using. Both have different focuses from the user, smartphones being more task orientated and tablets for more entertainment and research purposes. Marketers will begin to realise the differences in these digital devices and divide the opportunities.

2. New Shareable Experiences


People are becoming more accustomed to sharing their experiences, whether it’s photos over Instagram or statuses on Facebook- people want to show their friends what they’ve been doing. With this, it’s said that in 2013 marketers will find new ways of creating and encouraging shareable moments between people. For example, if somebody has watched a YouTube video on their tablet and really wants to show everyone in the living room- instead of passing the tablet around technology advances will allow integration between the television and the tablet. This means quick and easy sharing between device and TV increasing enjoyment.

3. Death of the QR Code


To be honest, the concept of the QR code is much better than the reality of it. Being able to access information through scanning a code on your phone seems simple, but the execution of doing this is more stressful for consumers than just typing in a link. QR scanners aren’t built into the software of devices, therefore people need to download a QR enabled app in order to even partake (first stage of stress).

If this isn’t enough, after scanning the code- nothing exciting even really happens. The user is then either brought to a homepage or a page that tells them the information they have already seen on the poster or wherever they scanned the QR code in the first place. Typing just seems a lot easier and get’s us to the information reasonably quickly, without false hopes of anything exciting. Unless the QR scanners become “in-built” into devices I’m sure it’ll die out this year.

4. Direct Video Sharing


With Instagram and other photo sharing applications becoming more exciting to users, in 2013 it’s said that direct video sharing will become just as popular. People love sharing their experiences, so platforms allowing people to upload instant video’s to their networks of “followers” could become a trend in 2013. Apps like this have already been created (for example, “Viddy”), I wonder if more people will jump on the bandwagon? Marketers would definitely use this platform to get to their consumers in a more visual way with promotions etc.

To conclude, these are the insights/predictions that I have found most interesting and am looking forward to see if they come true!

I do think that this statement is very powerful though in regards to Digital Marketing in 2013; “People don’t spend time thinking about how much computing power sits in their pocket; instead, they appreciate the ease of looking up movie times when they are out at dinner. Digital marketers who succeed next year will be focused on the consumer benefit and not the technology they are using.”

(Source: imediaconnection)