Burberry Spring/Summer Collection 2013 Campaign- Starring Romeo Beckham

by leeshb

Burberry have launched their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection and have released an advertising campaign starring David Beckham’s son Romeo Beckham.

The campaign aims to draw attention to and drive sales for Burberry’s ever growing “Burberry for Kids” line of clothing. Using Romeo Beckham to endorse this line is amazing in the campaign, as not only does his look fit but also his persona. Every mother probably wishes they could be married to Beckham, every father probably wants to be Beckham, so HEY lets create an advert where people can believe their son could be like Beckham’s.


This is a good move from Burberry and probably the right time to do this, as they have been patient in waiting for the “chav” element of their brand to be replaced with the style, elegance and class they actually stand for. If this was done say 5-7 years ago, a footballers son probably wouldn’t have been the right endorser- but time has paid off now. I think using one of the children of the Beckham’s is exciting because they are globally known and great PR has been achieved across multiple platforms, from fashion magazines to gossip tabloids- very good to get Burberry back where they belong.

Burberry have been working hard in developing their marketing across all channels, ensuring their brand image is strong and consistent. This includes their online presence on YouTube (see their channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/burberry), building communities with their “Burberry Acoustic” section, where acoustic music lovers can integrate their passion for both music and fashion. Also there is consistency and flair across all social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook for Burberry.