Ad of The Day- Orange- “Being There”

by leeshb


Orange are the official sponsor for the Africa Cup of Nations and this ad has been created for them to show their support for the games but also the dedicated supporters. With the strap line “We know what it takes to be a supporter, that’s why we support you”, french agency Marcel have devised an ad with a story, aiming to tap into the emotions of viewers (especially lovers of football). Using the well known anthem of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” re-done by a Nigerian singer also adds flavour and an emotional touch to this advert.

I think it’s a lovely touch using a family of 3 generations, showing that the support from Orange is for all who make the effort to support and celebrate the Africa Cup of Nations. Alongside this advertising campaign, Orange have stated that they are ‘organising numerous events to accompany the supporters throughout the games’.

Agency: Marcel (France)
Client: Orange
Sector: Technology/Mobile
Place: International