Coca-Cola bring back Polar Bears in Advertising

by leeshb

Coca-Cola’s much awaited short film “Snow Bear” has gone live for all to see. The film/advertisement, created by Ridley Scott and (the late) Tony Scott was developed with a joyful, family atmosphere that Coca-Cola have always tried to create for their consumers.

The Polar Bear is an icon in Coca-Cola’s advertising history, the brand having used different forms of the characters for over 90 years. The idea of bringing back the Polar Bears but in a modern, animated way allows new generations to fall in love with the characters and see parts of their own family within the characters. Alongside this, past generations will also understand the relevance of the Polar Bear characters and hopefully place Coca-Cola as a “feel good” brand.


The feel of this short film is similar to films such as “Finding Nemo” and other children’s animation films that don’t just target the children but also have a message for all to share. I personally love the Polar Bears as they bring warmth to the brand and create something to remember, not just an advertisement for now but to remember in years to come.

Agency: CAA Marketing
Client: Coca-Cola
Sector: Beverage
Place: International