ITV Re-Brand for TV Channels and Online

by leeshb

I noticed this morning that ITV have re-branded themselves with a new logo and colour schemes for the individual channels (ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV).

ITV logo rebrand
The brand has also scrapped the “1” from the terrestrial channel ITV1 which will now be just called “ITV”.

The new logo remains in lower case, however the new curved logo has a quality in which it “picks out” the colours from the show in which it is being placed and reflects the same mood. Each of the individual channels also have a different colour schemes, making it easier for viewers to develop relationships with the specific ITV brand’s that their favourite shows are broadcast on.

Here are some examples of how the re-brand will look on television and online;







What do you think about the re-brand? A good idea? Will it work out or be a disaster?