Digital has taken over

by leeshb

I am part of a generation that has grown up alongside the huge growth of digital marketing. It’s not until I look back and actually think about it, we are the online generation and marketers are moving towards more online and digital strategies for their brands. Here are a few examples of where I believe digital has taken over (and I didn’t even see it happening!)

Digital Music– with brands like HMV in administration and the sales of “physical” music decreasing, there has been a massive increase in digital music. Music can be downloaded from iTunes or illegally online at the touch of a button- and more people have become accustomed to this as they can transfer music straight to their music players and phones from their PC/Laptop.

Social Media- Social Media didn’t even exist when I was a child, and I’m only 19. It’s taken over the world by storm, with everybody communicating at mega speed, sharing their opinions, life stories, pictures, videos and countless amounts of different content online. My lecturer once told me that if a brand doesn’t have social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) then they are not worth looking at. Now that my friends is crazy. But it’s probably true.

Interaction Online– Smart Phones and Tablets have opened a huge door full of possibilities for brands. The thing these days is interaction. Most brands are seeking innovative ways to engage and excite their consumers, and which better way to do so than by presenting them with something interactive that they only have to use their smart phone/tablet to take part. There are many examples of  this e.g. consumers are able to “scan” material that brands via QR code or apps like Blippar to be exposed to more content. Even more recently marketers have been creating experiences for consumers using integration between social media and real life events.

These are just a few examples, there are many more. The “virtual” world of online really interests me but it always makes me question “what could POSSIBLY be next??”. With augmented reality technology on the way this year who knows.