Diet Coke bring back the hunk in 2013! (Teaser)

by leeshb

Okay so when I was a child in the 90’s, there was one advert for diet coke that took the world by storm. The “Diet Coke hunk” is set to return to screens in 2o13 as Diet Coke plan to celebrate their 30th birthday. A teaser for the advert has been released today with facebook fans being urged to see his return at 11:30am on 28th Jan 2013.

The 11:30am is significant from the previous infamous advertisement where the office women would take their “Diet Coke break” and see their topless construction hunk in action. The same soundtrack of “Etta James- I Just Want To Make Love To You” has also been used in the most recent ad.

Here is the teaser (I know many of you can’t wait!):

If anybody hasn’t seen the 90’s original version check it out below!