Specsavers quick reaction to ball boy incident

by leeshb


Specsavers Advert that ran on 25th Jan 2013

A quick reaction to current affairs that the public are talking about can be brilliant for companies that use them for their campaigns. Specsavers recently launched this print ad with their famous “Should’ve gone to Specsavers” tagline in regards to Chelsea FC footballer Eden Hazard kicking the Swansea ball boy on Wednesday 23rd January 2013. Specsavers launched their print adverts in national newspapers across the UK on friday, giving them two days to deliver this campaign for maximum impact.

This incident has been buzzing online with millions of football and non-football fans offering their opinions via Twitter and other social media sites. Specsavers have used Twitter as a platform for this campaign well with a sponsored tweet of “”Should’ve gone to Specsavers #ballboy #hazard” that has now been retweeted 3,279 times and favourited 579 times.

I personally think that this campaign is brilliant because the brand are playing on real events to highlight their own strapline. Specsavers marketing director Richard Holmes said: “We’re constantly on the look out for great Should’ve Gone to Specsavers moments and I’m always amazed at the speed with which our creative team are able to react to incidents like this”.