Virgin response current affairs

by leeshb

Recently I’ve noticed that Virgin have been a bit cheeky in regards to developing their creative material to engage their customers. Their responses to recent current affairs such as the Tesco horse meat scandal and the vote for equality for same-sex marriages by parliament yesterday, have been sure to generate humour and relationships with consumers around the situations.

Virgin Media mimic Tesco “Apology” advertisement:

Virgin Media mailer (3)_0Virgin Holiday’s (creative by M&C Saatchi) quick response to same-sex marriage equality vote:



I’ve said many times that I really like it when brands react quickly with current affairs, especially when their reaction represents their brand values. Virgin are known to be fun, bubbly and a brand to push boundaries. With both of these creative’s these themes are expressed well, which in turn generates great responses from their consumers alongside a huge buzz on social media (thousands of retweets).