My Favourite Apps! (February Edition)

by leeshb

This is one of the new features I have decided to blog about. Digital Marketing and consumer engagement are both topics that excite me so I thought I’d dive into the world of apps. Considering I have an iPhone and I rarely use it to find new apps, I thought I’d start doing this as there are some brilliant tools out there for almost anything you could ever need. Every month I will tell you my top 5 and let you know how they’ve worked for me.

5). Temple Run 2

temple_run2 (1)

I was (and still am) an addict of the original Temple Run, however I’m sure that Temple Run 2 is sure to take over. Whether I’m on the train, watching TV or on my lunch break at work- this game always fills the time! If a world of tilting, sliding and jumping is for you, I would definitely give it a go.

4). Whatsapp


This app has been around for ages, but those who are new to the tech world may need a boost to pay 69p for Whatsapp. I live by Whatsapp, without it I really have no idea how I would contact people. The great thing about this app is that there’s not an “add friend” function but instead the app recognises your contact numbers list and if that person has Whatapp too you are automatically able to contact them via instant message. Picture messages, group chats (me and my friends LOVE this) and voice notes all at the touch of a button make life easier- rather than sending a text or making a phone call.

3). TED


This app is amazing! Thousands of ideas, debates, informative talks and more all in video format at the palm of your hand. If you’re looking for a specific topic (marketing, advertising, psychology, science, life…), or are just looking to be inspired, there are so many categories within this app for you to search through. I have found myself wondering through this app and coming across gold. I am thoroughly motivated when I hear different people from all around the globe talking about something they are passionate about and would definitely recommend to anybody looking for inspiration!

2). VidRhythm


This is definitely courtesy of my friend Farah, if it wasn’t for her I would never have known about this wonderful application. VidRhythm is addictive!!! This app allows you to make music with your voice, turning simple sounds like “BAM” and “BOM” into a song. Being able to choose the beat, background and then share with your friends is amazing. I have been in stitches every time I have done one of these and I’m sure it’s great with a group of people. Try it out!

1). Twitter


I am scrolling through Twitter all day long and I can’t even deny this. To be fair, I follow a lot of interesting people and to have content being posted real-time is always exciting. Whether it’s my classmates talking about how boring our lecture is, Marketing Communications Professionals shedding light on updates within the industry, National News e.g. BBC updating the world on recent news or even just my sister talking about Glee- I love knowing what’s going on. It’s also become a habit for all of us to share our opinions on everything. I must admit, as much as I love reading, I don’t post as much. Maybe my life or opinions aren’t interesting enough yet haha. Either way, download and get following!