Ad of The Day- Cadbury- “The Not-So-Secret Secret”

by leeshb

This new advert for Cadbury has been developed by Fallon to show the “secret” ingredient to Dairy Milk chocolate, which in fact turns out not to be a secret as it is just  milk. As stated on the packet. I like the sarcasm to this ad and the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” feel to it, as I’m sure this is what most people would like to envision when thinking of their chocolate being made. I’m not too sure if I like the visuals though, the HD image almost makes it look too fake as if they want it to look low budget. Maybe that’s just my poor design eye who knows. The transitions are good though and it makes sense.

Agency: Fallon
Client: Cadbury
Sector: Food/Confectionery
Place: United Kingdom