“The Sun”, A Tragedy and some Awful PR

by leeshb

the sun 1

As if the story itself isn’t tragic enough regarding the Oscar Pisoriu and Reeva Steenkamp ordeal, British Newspaper “The Sun” have definitely kept morality out of the thought process when producing today’s front cover.

Insensitivity sweeps the whole page, from the sheer disrespect of placing a picture of victim in a bikini (which I’m sure is to just target The Sun readers in the wrong way) and a headline that does no justice to show any remorse towards the situation. I have to say, this really did shock me when I saw it and I couldn’t believe that such material was allowed to be published.

People have taken to twitter, giving their opinions on how The Sun handled the story. One comment reads “If this isn’t glamorisation of violence against women, I don’t know what is”. Hundreds of these comments have been circling the net, from the general public to MP’s, people are not happy. I know we have all heard the phrase “No PR is bad PR”, but really to what extent is this true? Hundreds of people slandering The Sun for their disrespectful take to sensitive stories surely cannot be good for the newspaper. Yes their name may be all over the web and possibly trending on social media, but does this change the fact that I would then tell everyone that I think The Sun is absolutely awful and recommend people not to buy it?


I guess each person has their own opinion on the topic, but personally I think that The Sun has taken one step too far and deserve any backlash of bad PR that comes with this.