Independent Farmer/Butcher Business and Horse Meat Scandal

by leeshb

With every dark cloud (or horse) there is a silver lining! In this case I have been delighted to hear about the 75% increase in sales for independent and family run businesses across the UK that supply fresh meat. As much as I love marketing, I do have a soft spot for the smaller businesses with heart in comparison to the dominating power brands that wipe the chances of any local business market share as they already sell everything. The joke is on the power supermarkets this week however, as the infamous horse meat scandal has left many consumers reeling and seeking fresh and 100% pork/beef alternatives. I am sure that the independent businesses cracked open the champagne, as one businesses pain is their businesses pleasure as sales soar! We all know that most of these consumers will probably return to the cheaper processed alternatives, but I do hope that some of these businesses will gain new customer loyalty. After all, if they’re supplying what they say they are, why don’t they deserve the credit and sales?