Reebok “Live With Fire” Global Campaign

by leeshb

I really love the new fully integrated campaign by McGarry Bowen that has been launched by Reebok, showcasing how passion and fitness are transforming the lives of people around the globe. Many sports brands tend to use sports celebrities to endorse their products, but Reebok have changed from this and decided to use people in their advertising who reflect the real life consumer buying their products. The campaign itself will consist of print, TV, online and an app.


The concept “Live With Fire” is just brilliant to me, those three words hold a lot of power and can definitely resonate with people globally who love fitness and the feeling of being motivated. The television advert especially depicts the emotions of feeling pumped, motivated and passionate through focusing on specific aspects of fitness such as yoga and running races. These short clips for each sport each hold their own story and purposely so. There are so many elements of fitness, that a campaign like this is great in trying to gain consumers attention if they can find an emotional connection with one of the characters in the advertising.

There is a good use of integration in this campaign, and I think utilizing online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (#LiveWithFire) is important to engage consumers, encouraging them to talk about their own stories. Even people who have never got involved with fitness before would find this motivating and possibly make them want to start a sport. It’s not even the sport that Reebok are interested in, it’s their campaign that consumers become attached to, and when they decide they need to purchase sportswear, Reebok aim to be at the top of their evoked set of brands.

reebok facebook

The soon to be launched fitness app will also be great in encouraging people to keep fit. Many of us find passion in traditional sports that we see on the TV, but other fitness areas such as dance classes and training in the gym are not really televised or brought to light often. The app will specialise in areas like this, allowing users to create work outs and indulge in their passion for fitness.


Overall I think this is a great campaign, and I think that Reebok as a brand have definitely done well to relaunch to market and become relevant again.