So apparently you can still tweet after you die…

by leeshb

With a slogan of “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting”, LivesOn is the new application that will send auto-tweets for you while you’re in your grave.


Really? This is what our world is coming too. I personally think this is a horrendous idea, and will cause offence to so many people grieving the loss of someone. Developers and those behind the app have talked about it as a love it or hate it situation, as some people may really like the idea that their dead family member/friend/partner/acquaintance is still tweeting (but lets face it, not really tweeting).

The way it works is that the application’s artificial intelligence is able to analyse the person’s twitter activity; the way they write, their likes/dislikes and interaction. Using this, tweets will then automatically be sent by the app after the person’s dead in the same style. So basically it is your twitter ghost allowing you to “live on”. Creepy, but I’m sure many people will download it anyway.