The Debate of Creativity

by leeshb

It’s really been playing on my mind for a few weeks when a lecturer asked the class “Are we born creative or do we learn to be creative?”. At the time I thought that it was a bit of both, but then I asked myself, what is creativity and how do you know if you’re creative?

I am now in my second year of university and am still struggling to understand where my brain “sits” within the field in which I am studying. When I am at home and am doing work, I struggle to find the creativity within myself and wonder what it actually is that deems us “creative” or not. Does being creative mean that you are good at art? That you have a design eye? That you’re great at coming up with ideas? Does being creative mean that you have to be all of these things or one? Or none? These are all questions that have been going back and forth in my mind.

I place myself up against people that I know, and I see people with great graphic design talent and wonder if I don’t have those skills, does it make me less creative? Where does creativity lie? I know that there are ¬†millions of books that teach you how to be creative, and you can fill a room with as many objects/pictures that will “bring out” creativeness, but how do you know for sure if it exists?

If I’m honest I’m probably more strategic than creative, my Dad did a test with my family once to see what our job “roles” would be (a game he learned at work) and my sister, the artsy musician came out as creative and me and my Dad both leaders. Although I’m happy to lead and I would probably agree that this is where my strength is, I did feel a sense of annoyance as if this card with the word “leader” was eliminating all of my chances of being creative. Of course I realised that’s ridiculous, but it really made me wonder how you can LEARN to be creative if you’re not already quite there. Maybe it just takes time and experience, I think that travelling the world and talking to amazing people will hopefully bring out the creativeness in me. Until then I will just try to pull ideas from the sky and see where they take me.

What are your views on creativity? Born with it or can it be taught? Let me know!