Ad of The Day- Dell- “Meet Thomas: Creator of an Alternate Universe.”

by leeshb

I really enjoyed watching this ad for Dell for the promotion of their Ultrabook series. The concept behind the ad lies within the character of Thomas being able to “achieve his true passion everywhere he goes”. This has been delivered wonderfully with the surreal world generated for us on screen representing the ideas and work that can be developed on the Dell Ultrabook during any daily activities (or as we see in the advertisement, on the train). I personally enjoyed this advert because there is something Harry Potter-esque about it, I feel like that this product will allow me to do almost anything and I’m definitely intrigued. Very interesting advert, I’m excited to see if any more like this are developed in the future!

Agency: Young & Rubicam (New York)
Client: Dell
Sector: Technology
Place: United Kingdom