Today has been a good day.

by leeshb

I am feeling really positive right now in regards to the direction and steps I am taking towards my career.

Today I was short-listed for a competition that I have recently entered, (click here to visit the website) and have been invited to pitch my PR proposal to a panel of agency professionals. I am really excited about this and am going to make sure I grasp this opportunity with both hands!! There are quite a few paid placements in industry going so it will definitely be worthwhile to give it all I’ve got. It feels very good to know that all of the hard work and late nights hasn’t gone to waste.

So that was some great news, I also got an amazing email today but I am keeping it disclosed until further notice- I will tell all in a few weeks! I am feeling very grateful and happy to be getting chances that many dream of, I definitely believe that passion and hard work amount to something- and I’m going to stick at it:D