Ad of The Day- Sony Mobile- “Xperia Z”

by leeshb

As part of a huge integrated campaign launching in March 2013, this advert for the new Sony Xperia Z mobile has been creatively developed by McCann London to promote the product. The advert itself takes us back to the past, allowing us to follow Sony and their most successful products- ranging from the Walkman and the original Playstation to the Camcorder. This story ends with a couple in India, indulging in the festival of Holi (where coloured paint is thrown). The Xperia Z is shown in all its glory, highlighting its waterproof benefit as it is cleaned of the paint. I really enjoyed the nostalgia in the advert, and thought it was a great move of Sony to identify in their advertising where they have built relationships with consumers through showing their best products, aiming to show “you can enjoy the best of Sony in a smartphone”. I also love that Sony use bold colour in their advertising (e.g. Bravia Bouncing Balls), and this one is no different!

Agency: McCann London
Client: Sony Mobile
Sector: Technology
Place: Global