Ad of The Day- Marie Curie- “Symmetry”

by leeshb

This advert actually moved me to tears (and that rarely happens to me with advertising). Marie Curie Cancer Care must find it hard to turn what they do into advertising, because caring for terminally ill patients is a very sensitive topic that can only be portrayed in certain ways. In this case, the advert for the Great Daffodil Appeal has been executed beautifully. The concept of “Your last moments should mean as much as your first” is so touching, as we all as humans can relate to this. I’m sure that this advert will move people enough for them to wear a daffodil (and know what it is actually for), alongside helping Marie Curie Cancer Care to carry on doing what they do best.

Agency: DLKW Lowe
Client: Marie Curie Cancer Care
Sector: Charity/Non-Profit/Health
Place: United Kingdom