Ad of The Day- Sainsbury’s- “Active Kids Memories”

by leeshb


It seems that a lot of ad agencies have been feeling nostalgic recently, delving into their past to find memories to create these “throw back” adverts. Nevertheless, they seem to work, and this one for Sainsbury’s is no different. Although the ad isn’t overwhelming, I really like the concept of showing how it used to be, when kids would have to be active in order to have fun (no computers in sight). These images will hopefully resonate with the parents of children of today considering they probably had an active childhood, and persuade them to collect the Active Kids Scheme vouchers. Also, if the nostalgia doesn’t convince the mums out there I’m sure David Beckham will.

Agency: AMV BBDO
Client: Sainsbury’s
Sector: Food/Drink/Retail/Supermarket
Place: United Kingdom