Hilarious “Premiership Sub 2nd Jobs” Print/OOH Campaign for Paddy Power

by leeshb

I saw this advertisement for Paddy Power near the Aston Villa Stadium, Birmingham the other day and found it so funny (and decided to research!). Using the insight that “fans are fed up watching players collect millions for sitting on the bench” the betting company decided to use the banter they’re so known for, for the development of adverts aimed to drive conversation amongst their target market. The “#2NDJOBSFORSUBS” campaign consists of five different executions, mimicking five Premiership football players- suggesting the second “jobs” they can take on to earn their keep as a bench-warmer.

1. Fernando Torres (placed near Stamford Bridge)

2nd jobs for subs - Torres artwork

2. Darren Bent (placed near Villa Park)


3. Peter Odemwingie (placed at Hawthornes)


4. Jose Bosingwa (placed at QPR)


5. Andrei Arshavin (placed at the Emirates)

2nd jobs for subs - Arshavin artwork

I think that these adverts are brilliant and what a great way to target their audience (male football lovers, like banter and making bets). These audiences reacted as imagined, with endless jokes and banter flowing on Twitter about the players- great conversation for Paddy Power. Of course, the players were a bit touchy about the adverts (which personally I think they should just take lightly considering the amount of money they actually get paid, come on). What was even better, Paddy Power then released this “spoof” apology to the players in newspapers The Sun and The Star- offering them a free £5 bet with the company.


Hilarious campaign (OdemWHINGY made me laugh out loud) driving conversation and engagement in the right way.

Agency: CP+B
Client: Paddy Power
Sector: Betting
Place: United Kingdom