Ad of The Day- Natwest- “Mustang”

by leeshb


Although very similar to the recent Barclay’s advertising campaign, I do like this advert for Natwest from M&C Saatchi. I guess the insight from research is the same for bank consumers, that being a parent definitely puts a strain on finances. I really like the idea of sacrifice in the ad, the emotion portrayed by the Father that although he really desires the mustang he will drop everything to fund his daughter (be it a piano or university), definitely reminds me of my own father. I also like that the child isn’t a spoilt brat. I really didn’t appreciate the Barclay’s child- and if I was a consumer I’d count myself out of their “Family Springboard” if my child was anything like that. Either way, nice ad but I wish there was a bit more creativity.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Client: Natwest
Sector: Banking/Finance
Place: United Kingdom