Ad of The Day- Walkers- “The Great Taste of Home”

by leeshb


I must start by saying what a beautiful title for an advert, I already feel emotionally attached before I’ve even watched it. But let’s be fair, most people don’t even know the title of the advertisement they are watching. Anyway, I really enjoyed this advert. When I heard that Walkers were going to take on the whole “home grown ingredients” theme I did sigh because I am so tired of horses and farms- it’s becoming too repetitive and although some people want to know where their food is from, some of us really don’t care. However, I thought this advertisement took me on a nice scenic journey around the UK and I was happy to pick up some ingredients on the way with my friend Gary Lineker.

It’s the emotional appeal that made me like the ad more than the actual concepts of home grown ingredients, and I especially was happy when Gary travelled through Somerset as that’s where my grandparents live. Overall the ad made me feel proud to be British and as I have some countryside blood in me, Walkers, I guess I do care about the Somerset Cheddar in my Cheese & Onion Crisps.

Agency: AMV BBDO
Client: Walkers
Sector: Food
Place: United Kingdom