M&S “Blooming QR Code” Mother’s Day Campaign

by leeshb

As Mother’s Day approaches I thought that it would be nice to share this recent campaign by Marks and Spencer.

m and s mothers day

“#BloomingQRCode” is exactly what it says on the tin; A QR Code, made out of flowers. I really thought that this campaign was creative and just generally a great idea for all the shoppers who have no idea what to get for Mother’s  Day (especially the Husband’s who are buying for the kids).

Placed in Westfield White City Shopping Centre, the display is definitely going to attract the busy shoppers over the weekend. I especially love that the display is made from real flowers, encouraging shoppers to A) Buy a bouquet because they are so beautiful therefore increasing sales, B) Enter the competition therefore increasing engagement and data for more conversation and C) Take pictures, share with friends and tweet with the designated hashtag, driving conversation and PR.

Such a lovely idea and if you’re interested to see how the arrangement was made, see the video below.