Ad(s) of The Day- Virgin- “Fly Virgin Trains”

by leeshb

26a. Virgin Trains


26. Virgin Trains


26b. Virgin Trains


26c. Virgin Trains


These adverts are gorgeous, I had to share! I think that these print/online/OOH/digital advertisements are beautiful for Virgin Train’s and I think that they will definitely jump off of the page, wall or screen that they will be found. The design throws me back to a 1940’s/50′ era, the fonts and colours providing a very British look and feel. Most train adverts are dull and not worth even looking at, I have trouble sometimes even understanding what London Midland are doing with their communications most of the time. These however are brilliant and definitely gain my attention with the quirky executions that Virgin are definitely known for.

Agency: Elvis
Client: Virgin Trains
Sector: Travel
Place: United Kingdom