My Favourite Apps! (March Edition)

by leeshb

This is one of the new features I have decided to blog about. Digital Marketing and consumer engagement are both topics that excite me so I thought I’d dive into the world of apps. Considering I have an iPhone and I rarely use it to find new apps, I thought I’d start doing this as there are some brilliant tools out there for almost anything you could ever need. Every month I will tell you my top 5 and let you know how they’ve worked for me.

5).  BBC iPlayer


I love this app mainly because iPlayer has no adverts so there is less time streaming before getting to the content. This app is amazing when I am bored or waiting for something. For example I was in London this week eating breakfast and waiting to go to an interview, and having that opportunity to catch up on Eastenders in public felt heavenly. The app has all of the BBC shows that you would find online and is just handy for those “I don’t want to play a game or read but I need to be entertained” situations.

4). Find My iPhone


This app became extremely handy this week when I lost my iPhone in the house and couldn’t find it anywhere. I am one of those people that tend to always keep their phone on silent (I’d hate to be the one disturbing peoples lives), and this usually works not in my favour. Fortunately, my boyfriend had linked his Find My iPhone app to my Find My iPhone app and was able to locate the phone at the touch of a button. He also managed to use this app as a tracking device when I was lost in Picadilly Circus (children beware, parents have fun!).  Overall a brilliant app, although I still can’t work out how my phone managed to find its way inside the bed covers…

3). Keek


I must admit I was a bit sceptical before downloading this app because I thought it would be a waste of space on my phone. After downloading I still thought it was boring, that was until all of my close friends got the app. If you have really funny friends, tell them to get this app and you will never go a day unhappy. One of my best friends, Yassmine, she posts the most hilarious videos of herself and I literally only have the app to watch her. The app lets you record 30 second videos and works as a social network, allowing you to post/share/like/comment with friends. It’s a nicer touch to actually see your friends in person, especially if you’re away at uni or on holiday.

2). Lumosity


I have been looking for a brain training app and I think I have found one that (right now) is my favourite. The app tests your brain speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving- choosing games and puzzles that suit each category for you to play. I like to use this app before I go to sleep and “compete” with myself to make my brain stronger. I really like the design of the app, its clean and easy to use. Definite recommendation!

1). Google Drive


This app has been an absolute lifesaver this year. Whether I need to edit group work while on the go, or prepare a presentation speech in the taxi 15 mins before it’s due to start- Google Drive has been there to support me. The convenience of being able to read and edit work- but also share with people and comment is just an addition to my life and will be part of my phone until something better comes along. The app G-Whizz! that also links with this app also works as a lifesaving planner allowing me to sync my emails, calendar and documents all in one place. Life saving app with brilliant functionality.