Ad of The Day- Weetabix- “Sibling Rivalry”

by leeshb


The energy in this advert has been driven well by BBH, as targeting a cereal at families can sometimes be a hard brief to become “creative”. Weetabix’s previous ad for the “Fuel for Big Days” campaign was hilarious and I am glad that the humour has been kept for the Weetabix with Chocolate advertisements. I think that using Sibling Rivalry is great to target parents because any parents with more than one child has definitely experienced this; me and my sister used to argue over every little thing. The characters have been really brought to life, and I enjoyed the stories that they both held and how the product fuelled not only their day but their childhood dreams.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Client: Weetabix
Sector: Food
Place: United Kingdom