Kit Kat “Chunky Champion” Integrated Campaign

by leeshb

I think that this has been my favourite integrated campaign of this year so far. Kit Kat have already done this campaign before in 2o12, however I think this time around the engagement levels and quality of social media use have been even more phenomenal. Kit Kat have used the results of the previous campaign to their advantage, as they knew that consumers like having their say about brands they love.

The concept as a whole in letting consumers take the control of the next Kit Kat flavour is exciting already. To then take this and turn it into something much more than that, creating characters that consumers can relate to and using technology in innovative ways is why I love campaigns like this.



The campaign identifies four different superhero characters for each of the new flavours. Consumers are then presented with material both online and offline to help them make their choice. The television advert brings the characters to life, allowing viewers to see their skills and find their favourite. The humour of this campaign is great too, the superhero’s are funny and are used to drive conversation between people online (e.g. Coconutrix VS Mintinator).

The use of app Blippar is perfect for this campaign. Choose a Chunky Champion engaged consumers using their smartphone devices, allowing them to scan their chocolate bar and vote it as their favourite. As well as this, this engagement was maintained through Facebook with fresh and exciting content.



The balance of online and offline content has also been executed well in order to make this campaign a success. Using online is always great in order to have two way conversations, especially using sponsored posts on Facebook to increase reach. However, through partnering with Capital FM “Street Stars” the brand is able to physically reach people in popular towns and give them a chance to interact with superhero props (essentially leading them to the same online space where the engagement takes place).



The winner was announced last week (15th March), and the campaign has been running since the beginning of this year. Mint was declared the Kit Kat Chunky Champion by Kit Kat fans.



Overall a great integrated campaign, using social media to drive engagement and conversations between fans/consumers and the brand.

Agency: JWT
Client: Kit Kat
Sector: Food/Confectionery
Place: United Kingdom