Ad(s) of The Day- Green & Black’s- “This is not a chocolate bar”

by leeshb


(I must say, I have been happy with the amount of great print adverts there have been lately for me to sink my teeth into).

In an attempt to showcase Green & Black’s wide range of chocolate flavours, these adverts from Mother London have personified a few of the key flavours. Turing their spiced chilli flavoured chocolate into a provocative “character” with nipple tassels, and their dark chocolate bar into a deep pool creates great imagery and humour for the consumer.

The adverts will run both in traditional print and outdoor, ensuring that viewers mouths will be watering over Green & Black’s chocolate. I personally love it when a product becomes so much more than just a product in advertising, especially when brought to life. When consumers are able to make identification and associations with a product to themselves that is where you will gain their attention. Lovely set of ads!





Agency: Mother London
Client: Green & Black’s
Sector: Food/Confectionery
Place: United Kingdom